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Our Program


Our children engage in varieties of science, technology, engineering and mathematical activities. As the children explore the scientific process, teachers pose open-ended questions that may spark more questions or a new direction to explore. “Children acquire scientific knowledge by ‘construction’ not by instruction (Kamii & Lee-Katz, 1983). They must create an explanation of observed phenomena or the outcomes of the experiments internally—an explanation that holds personal meaning” (Trawick-Smith, p. 203).

We provide high standard of education to the children- allowing and encouraging young children to explore the scientific process—rather than only using direct instruction that emphasizes science facts and prescriptive experiments.

We promote the development of thinking skills such as organizing and classifying, problem solving, reasoning, and logic.

Our Educators play a significant role in offering children direct experiences with nature and being positive role models. These will demonstrate not only awe and wonder, but also respect and care for and interest in the natural world. This fundamental learning with significant adults is essential if children are to begin to understand the complexities of sustainability, the systems that support life and why caring for the land, plants, animals and ourselves matters.

Here are ways our children explore the scientific method in a fun and effective way.

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